About Us

Women in Focus is a ministry of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada providing women with training, resources and opportunities to help the disadvantaged. Our mission is to encourage and equip women to discover and use their God-given gifts with confidence and compassion.  We desire to be a voice for issues women face and a place where you can find support and resources.

Our F.O.C.U.S. . . . 

Friendship – to foster and nurture relationships; to teach, mentor and support women
Outreach – to touch women with the love of Christ locally and globally
Character – to provide opportunities for spiritual growth so that women will be consciously God-indwelt, Christ-led and Spirit-gifted.
Unity – to stand together as women in our common mission of bringing Christ to the world
Service – to bring awareness of community/social concerns and encourage proactive involvement. 

Our Team is made up of up to 9 representatives from our four Western Provinces:
Director:  Faye Reynolds                                        freynolds@cbwc.ca
President: Carol Parsons                                         carolparsons28@gmail.com
BCY President:  Alison Fraser                             fraser.alison2@gmail.com
AB President:  Joyce Nickel                                   joycenickel@hotmail.com
SK President:  Mandi Hecht                                   mandi@marturia.net
MB President: Lynne Billings                                  lynnebillings@shaw.ca
Treasurer:  Janet Alexander