All offerings go through our CBWC head office.  Please designate your gifts according to the project for which they are intented, such as GCBS for the Great Canadian Bible Study; DOP – Day of Prayer; Guardians of Hope; Kenya, etc.


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If you would like to donate to Women in Focus so that we can continue to offer support and resources to women’s ministries, click on the link below and follow the process, but be sure to write in the comment box that your gift is for Women in Focus.


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Great Canadian Bible study for January

The 2018 Bible study this year looks at the life of Mary Magdalene from only the Biblical texts, in an effort to separate fact from fiction.  We invite you and some friends to enter into this study along with women from across Canada as we raise donations to support literacy ministries in Rwanda and DRCongo.    GCBS – Maria of Magdela 2018

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