All offerings go through our CBWC head office.  Please designate your gifts according to the project for which they are intented, such as GCBS for the Great Canadian Bible Study; DOP – Day of Prayer; Casa de la Amistad; Kenya, etc.


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If you would like to donate to Women in Focus so that we can continue to offer support and resources to women’s ministries, click on the link below and follow the process, but be sure to write in the comment box that your gift is for Women in Focus.



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New Ministry Partner

We are excited to be partnering with Tim and Kallie Hutton with their “ADA” project in Bolivia at Casa de Amistad.  Women in the prison system have little opportunity to care for their families or even meet their own needs.  They have few skills and unless they are given opportunity, their future is bleak.  “Eagle’s Wings” is a project to teach the women how to sew marketable goods that can help them improve their situation.  Women in Focus was able to help them purchase 2 sewing machines and now we are wanting to supply them with materials and supplies.  Make this your 2018 – 2020 mission project and help support this fantastic outreach.  Click here to find out more from Tim and Kallie:

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