International Projects

Guardians of Hope, Kenya

We have been involved for several years in helping grandmothers, mothers and children that have been affected by the HIV virus through lost loved ones or their own illness.  By offering micro-credit loans, health education, schooling and spiritual encouragement, we have helped improve their lives.  Two teams from Women in Focus have visited their projects and were very encouraged by the courage and generosity of these amazing women!  Consider how you and your friends could support this cause.


Literacy Project in Rwanda and the DR Congo

It is so vital that women and men learn to read so that they are more easily employed as well as can read the Scriptures for themselves.  As of July 2016, 875 students (675 women and 199 men) have been meeting three days each week for 2 hours a day to learn to read in 9 different communities.  At the beginning of classes’ students received books which help them to exercise what they are learning at school. This time literacy students received a small incentive like 1 notebook and 1 pen. This is to encourage and motivate them in their lessons.  

When you participate in the Great Canadian Bible Study, you support this project