Bible Studies

Fall Bible Studies by Faye Reynolds 

Each fall, Faye writes 6 – 10 week studies that are available for download free of charge.  These studies are suitable for women’s groups, but also mixed study groups or Adult Sunday school classes.

Fall 2017 – a new study by Marlene Bahr:  Portraits of God’s love – Snapshots taken from the Gospel of John:  Portraits of God’s Unconditional Love – Break Away 2017

Step Into A Miracle  by Faye Reynolds
This is 14 lessons and some of the lessons take more than one week to get through the material. The study looks at most but not all of the miracles recorded in the four gospels that Jesus performed while on earth and discusses the role of faith in the miracles. Could their be more miracles today if our faith was greater?  Step Into a Miracle

The Book of Romans – Part 1 by Faye ReynoldsNine lessons take us through Chapters 1 – 8 of the book of Romans.  Paul writes a very thorough treatise for Christians dwelling in Rome though the letter was widely circulated to other communities.  This book is foundational to the understanding of Paul’s theology that forms the basis for his other letters to the churches.  The arguments are not always easy to follow, but worth the work of understanding the foundations of our faith.  Paul writes to the Romans

The Book of Romans – Part 2 by Faye Reynolds
Eight more lesson on Chapters 9 – 16 of Romans are offered here. I confess that my own group took 16 weeks to complete as there is a lot of material in each lesson! This is the new Fall offering for 2016. Paul’s Letter to the churches in Rome 2

Titus on Mentoring – Four lessons that can be helpful in encouraging ministries of spiritual friendship, mentoring and hospitality  Mentoring from Titus

Be Filled with all the Fullness of God by Faye Reynolds
This is a one day study on our identity in Christ.  How do we view our call to be like Christ when we understand Christ as the Lamb of God? Be Filled with All the Fullness of God

The Call to Compassion by Faye Reynolds
The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.  This description should fit his disciples as well.  How are God’s people compassionate and when do we fail to fulfill that calling.  These 9 weeks will reflect on a variety of issues from poverty, abortion, homosexuality, justice and more. A Call to Compassion

The Creative Nature of God by Faye Reynolds
Seven studies which draw on the first chapter of Genesis and nature of God revealed in his act of Creation. It incorporates creative ideas to interact with the material as well as reflection on our own creative nature as we reflect the image of God. I think you will enjoy this reflective and interactive time together.  Creation Bible Studies 2012

Forgiven and Forgiving by Faye Reynolds
God calls us to forgive one another as He has forgiven us, but it is easier said than done! Why is it so difficult to forgive and heal relationships? This study does not provide all of the answers, but offers some process for how to work through injury and offer forgiveness to another. It starts with truly understanding the depth of our own forgiveness. I pray that this seven-week study will offer some tangible tools for healing relationships.   Forgiven and Forgiving

Voice of the Minor Prophets by Faye Reynolds
There are 12 small books in the Old Testament that are often overlooked in our study of Scripture. There is nothing “minor” about the message of these prophets, only in the smaller size of their writings. Most were written shortly before the Babylonian Exile or during their time of Exile, but their messages are timeless and speak into our present day situations and struggles. There are 8 lessons covering six of The Minor Prophets which include Jonah, Amos, Joel, Hosea, Obadiah and Habakkuk. Part 2 continues the study.  The Voice of the Minor Prophets 1The Voice of the Minor Prophets – Part 2

God Talk: Theological Themes to Wrestle by Faye Reynolds
“Theo” and “Logos” together literally mean “God talk”.  Theology is the term we use to describe the ways we wrestle with our understanding of God and humanity and our relationship to the Divine.  Sometimes we throw out words like sanctification and omniscient like we actually know what we are talking about – or that somehow the word explains it all.  Most often, however, these simple phrases are very complex and our understanding of them have great implications in how we understand God’s work in our lives and how we live out of our faith. This study is an endeavor to unpack some concepts to see what we really do believe but since these ideas have been wrestled with since the beginning of humanity, don’t expect definitive answers!  At best, I hope you will gain a stronger sense of what you believe and why.  God Talk Theological Themes to Wrestle

Psalm 23: Everything that We Need by Faye Reynolds.
This study is a walk with the Shepherd through the beloved Psalm that has been too long relegated to funeral services when it is so full of guidance for living with confidence, compassion and courage. I have chosen 10 themes out of the text as jumping points for discussion. Phillip Keller’s book, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 (Zondervan Publishers) continues to be a definitive voice in understanding how a shepherd’s life gives insight into the deeper meanings behind the images foreign to many of us in this day and age.  Psalm 23

I Will Now Arise by Lois Mitchell and Faye Reynolds.
Women make up the largest oppressed people group in the world. God is calling us to arise and become part of the solution to poverty among women and children. Through exploration of Scriptural examples of social injustice we discover principles to apply today to make a difference in similar situations.  I Will Now Arise

Free to Be: A Study of Galatians by Faye Reynolds.
This letter is considered one of the most authentic writings of Paul – there is no doubt as to the author and it reveals the true passions of Paul’s heart.  The book of Galatians has been called the Magna Carta of Christian Liberty for Paul is urgent in his desire that those who have found faith in Christ live in the freedom that Christ gives.  Galatians

A Cultural Look at the Parables of Jesus  by Faye Reynolds.
Jesus told his teaching stories to a people living in a specific time within a specific culture. Kenneth Bailey has lived in the Middle East for many years and through his writing gives new appreciation to the cultural background behind the Parables of Jesus. This course will look at some of these insights that infuse the parables with fresh meaning and implications for our lives. This is a ten-week course.  A Cultural Look at some Parables of Jesus

The Way of the Lamb by Faye Reynolds.
A study guide for the Book of Revelation based on the book “Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey through the Book of Revelation” by Darrell W. Johnson. Darrell has opened up a new understanding of this challenging book of the Bible by seeing its interpretation in light of The Way of the Lamb.  The Way of the Lamb

Eight Deep Roots by Faye Reynolds.  
An eight-week study on our Historical Baptist Distinctives and their implications for our post-modern world.  BAPTIST DISTINCTIVES

Tough Sayings of Jesus by Faye Reynolds.
This ten-week study looks primarily at the Sermon on the Mount and the difficult teachings of Jesus that we need to wrestle with in our discipleship journey.  Tough Sayings of Jesus

Images of Godby Faye Reynolds.
A ten-week study on the images of God taken from the Lord’s prayer and how these images can be distorted by our human understandings.  Images of God

Get an Attitude by Faye Reynolds.
This is a nine-week study on the different attitudes that we as Christians need to foster if we are to be more like Christ.  Get An Attitude

Women in Luke by Faye Reynolds.  
A question guide which takes you through the passages which feature women and how Jesus ministers to them.  WOMEN IN LUKE

Bible Studies by Marlene Bahr

Hebrews Study by Marleen Bahr
A 12 week Bible study in the Book of Hebrews to discover a deeper intimacy with the Best of the best and the Greatest of the great – Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Based on two companion study guides: Hebrews: Beyond the Veil by Jack W. Hayford, and After the Sacrifice by Walter A. Henrichsen. Hebrews Study 4 WIF

Portraits of Love by Marleen Bahr
Marlene has written 12 lessons on the portraits of love found in the Gospel of John. This study is adaptable for a fall or winter study. It is especially suitable for a winter study followed by a special Good Friday lunch where the death and resurrection of Jesus are celebrated. A similar celebration could happen at Christmas following a fall study. Portraits of Love – Bahr  portraits leader guide

God’s Call by Marleen Bahr
A 6 week study of four Bible Women who responded to God’s call to be God’s representative for a specific task or tasks. After looking at the four women we will look at what God expects of us today as we represent Him in His Kingdom. God’s Call – Lessons

A Child is Born by Marleen Bahr. This four-week study will help us focus on Jesus as we prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate the coming of Immanuel, “God with us”.  A Child is Born

The Tale of Two Women by Marleen Bahr. A fresh look at the lives and friendships of Ruth and Naomi. Tale of Ruth and Naomi

Encounters with Jesus by Marleen Bahr.
Through an eight-week course, Marleen invites us to meet the men and women in the Bible that encountered Jesus personally in a variety of situations. What can we learn about ourselves and about Jesus through these encounters? Part 1 and Part 2 Encounters Study    Encounters 2

The Life and Writings of Peter by Marleen Bahr.
This is a ten-week course which looks at the life of Peter while studying I and II Peter. Marleen has a good gift for applying the text to our personal lives and spiritual journeys.  Peter Study

The High Call of God by Marleen Bahr. This is an eight-week study on the leadership of Joshua.  The High Call of God – M. Bahr

Umbrella of Joy by Marleen Bahr – a nine week study on Phillipians  Umbrella of Joy