Great Canadian Bible Study

The January Great Canadian Bible Study 

Every year, women from all across Canada gather in small groups for a Bible study written specifically for this special occasion.  The study is provided free of charge and is based on   a woman’s story from the scriptures, but we invite participants to contribute to our selected project that benefits disadvantaged women. For 2016 – 18, the funds we raise will go toward women’s literacy projects in Rwanda and surrounding areas where CBM is working.  See further information here: CBM_ProjectProfile_Rwanda_WomensLiteracy


2018 – Maria of Magdala – Sometimes we think we know all about a Biblical character because much has been written or put into movies, but is that all fact or a lot of fiction?  I believe there is much about Mary Magdalene that we assume that simply is not in the Bible.  Hopefully, this study will get us back to the core of this amazing woman who witnessed the resurrection of our Lord!   GCBS – Maria of Magdela 2018

2017 – Tamar the Righteous – How can we call Tamar righteous after she played the harlot and tricked her father-in-law into making her pregnant?!!  When we better understand the culture of the day, we will see Tamar with new eyes as she navigates a system in which she is the pawn left with few resources.  This study will also help us to understand the plight of many women who are victims of systems of injustice, but will also challenge how we might turn our sense of helplessness into righteousness.  gcbs-tamar-2017

Spanish:  el-gran-estudio-biblico-canadiense     French:   franc%cc%a7ais-gcbs-tamar-2017

2016 – The Tale of Two Wives – This study contrasts the lives of two couples, Ananias and Sapphire and their tragic decision with the lives of Priscilla and Aquila, who left a legacy of churches through their sacrificial dedication.  See how the decisions of two couples impacted the Christian community and discuss how we work in unity under God.  GCBS – The Tale of Two Wives 2016

2015 – The Legacy of Eve – As women, what is our heritage from the first woman God created?  Co-creators and keepers of the garden with Adam or the temptress that causes all the problem?  This study will look at God’s original design and delight in us as well as the weaknesses that call us to be all the more dependent upon God’s spirit and one another.  GCBS -The Legacy of Eve 2015

2014 – Lessons from Widows- This study will look at three different widows from the New Testament and the lessons we learn from how Jesus meets them, interacts and often heals.  GCBW 2014 Lessons from the Widows
2013 – The Singing Sister by Faye Reynolds  download: GCBS Miriam 2013
Sister, singer, poet and prophet – Miriam is a wonderful character to study and get to know from the Scriptures.
2012: Crumbs of Grace:  The Syrophonician Woman  GCBS – Syrophonician 2012
2011: The Gazelle:  Dorcas, A Beautiful Woman of God  GCBS – The Gazelle
2010: He Gives and Takes and Gives Again:  The Widow of Zarephath  
GCBW – Widow at Z
2009: The Woman by the Well  GCBS – Woman by the Well
2008: Hagar:  the Hand-Maiden  GCBS – Hagar
2007: Sisters of Lazarus  GCBS – Sisters of Lazarus
2006: Memoirs of a Concubine:  Esther  GCBS -Memoirs Concubine Esther