Gifted and Called is our first weekend seminar for all women of your church community who want to deepen their understanding of God’s call on their lives. 
In a culture that demands that women “be all things at all times” there is a disconnect that often happens between purpose and passion. God designed us to live out our faith with joy and with a clear sense of His calling on our lives.In the mundane happenings of life we lose sight of God’s amazing plan for each of us. Gifted and Called is an interactive workshop that encourages women to re-examine and re-focus away from “duty” toward the passions that god has placed within us so that we serve from our hearts. 

Empowered Through Spiritual Formation builds upon the foundation laid in “Gifted and Called” as this weekend workshop will help participants develop their own S.H.A.P.E. and personal mission statement after first exploring four spiritual disciplines of listening prayer, aimed at sharpening our ability to listen to God’s voice in order to discern his personal calling upon our lives.

Can We Talk:  Mentoring Workshop:  Mentoring can be an intimidating word, but what can it mean to simply come along side another and walk with them through a particular time in their life, or offer the sharing of personal life lessons or skills for a season?  We have developed a manual for guiding mentoring relationship and this weekend of training will take away the “fear factor” and free you to come along side in spiritual friendship.  

Learning to Thrive:  This is can be a one-day or weekend event for your women based on themes from the book of Colossians.  Faye can lead three or four sessions to fit into your plans for a day at your home church.  Thriving through blessing; thriving as parents; thriving through grace and forgiveness are some of the themes.

To book any of the four workshops, contact Faye Reynolds;  for more information.